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Scholarship for International students

We want to see a more diverse and inclusive outdoor sector and to support students who have a dream to contribute to the future of adventure travel. 

Therefore, we offer partial scholarships on the International Mountain & River Guide Education (IMRGE).


  1. Mention the scholarship you wish to apply for in the application form.

  2. Motivate why you should receive the scholarship in writing and present during the interview. Please include a description of your idea and a short action-plan.

Student may apply for one of the two scholarships and each is worth 1000 USD. The scholarship student will become a SUMMIT ambassador and receive additional support to start their mission already during the education.

Students who wish to apply for the scholarship should embody our core values of Collaboration, Curiosity & Kindness, be able to demonstrate excellence in the field and passion to contribute positively to the future of adventure travel.

We have two categories of scholarships:


  • FEMALE POWER - for students who identify as female and demonstrate dedication to inspire others to explore the outdoors.


  • POSITIVE IMPACT - for students who have an idea on how to contribute to a more inclusive and/or sustainable adventure sector. Students should show dedication to make their idea happen and possess a relevant skillset or experience.


We believe in equal access to education for all, that's why we support young Nepalese with full scholarships to pursue their dreams. 
Through the social enterprise The Royal Beach Camp, which is also our training center in Nepal, we are committed to educate a new generation of skilled, qualified and inspired outdoor leaders.
Since 2006, our founder Ram Silwal, have been educating over 200 young Nepalese talents to become outdoor professional, working around the globe today.
Read more about the apprenticeship education here.
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