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Deepen your understanding of key leadership skills and reflect on the potential of sustainability while practicing hospitality in the outdoors. Gain experience while trekking amongst the world's highest mountains.


Set goals, push your limits and reach new heights - practice your leadership skills while trekking amongst the Himalayan mountains.

> Outdoor Leadership
>   Planning & Preparations.
> Risk & Safety.
> Teamwork & Motivation.

> Sustainability.
> High altitude trekking
   (up to 4500 m)

In this program the students will plan and prepare a trek in the Himalayas, incl. risk assessment and packing as well as physical and mental training. Each students get responsibilities as daily leaders and practice both their hard and soft skills while trekking amongst the world's highest mountains. Students reach up to 4 500 m and will learn more about the risks and mediation in high altitude environments. 

Students improve on their skills through daily logging and previously set goals working together as a team. They also reflect on the trekking leader's role, sustainability and hospitality in the outdoors. 


This is also an opportunity to come closer to the locals and guides working and living in the mountains - to learn about the history, culture and nature of the Himalayas.

Mountain leader internship


3 weeks.


10th March 2023

20th September 2023

10th March 2024


The Royal Beach Camp, Annapurna Mountain Range,  Pokhara & Kathmandu.



> Passion for travel and sustainability.
Preferably enrolled in, or graduate from, relevant subject studies.

> Willingness to learn from & share with others.

> Good  physical health and capacity to walk for 6 hours in varied terrain.

program fee covers accommodation, food and transportation in Nepal, internship leader and mentor as well as the activities such as trekking and rafting. 
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We work closely with students' educational institution to make meaningful connection between academic studies and real life. 

Personal development, collaboration, problem solving skills and knowledge exchange are also integrated and all our programs contain a component of giving back to the people and places we meet. 

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