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A unique photographic adventure amongst some of the world's highest peaks, mythical landscapes and vibrant cultures. It is here that we find our subjects and develop our photographic skills under the guidance of accomplished nature photographer Jonathan Stenvall.


> Capture the stunning nature and ancient cultures of the Himalayas.

> Photography masterclasses with Jonathan Stenvall.

> Personal feedback and individual growth.

Explore great adventures in iconic Nepal. 

Embark on a transformative 12-day photographic adventure in the Himalayas, led by renowned photographer Jonathan Stenvall. This journey focuses on learning and expanding your photography skills through immersive workshops while exploring the essence of the Himalayas.


As you traverse enchanting landscapes, Jonathan provides expert guidance, immersive workshops and personalised instruction, teaching you new techniques, composition, lighting, and capturing the landscape and people of Nepal.


During the course we trek along the Mardi Himal trail, in the beautiful Annapurna region, offering us the ultimate location to compose striking and impactful photographs. With. Under your instructor's guidance you'll learn how to play with light and shadows, capturing the mood and atmosphere that define the Himalayan environment.

Beyond the captivating landscapes, Nepal is also a treasure trove of culture and heritage. You'll have the opportunity to explore the vibrant streets of Patan, immerse yourself in the rich history of ancient temples, and witness the spiritual significance that permeates the city.

This this meticulously crafted course promises an unforgettable experience of adventure, creativity, and learning as you capture the essence of the Himalayas and elevate your photography skills.

Photography MASTERCLASS 
Landscape & CULTURE 


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Jonathan Stenvall is an accomplished nature and travel photographer who, through his photo project "the Hidden Himalayas," has spent nearly 1 year in the Himalayas on multiple trips to different parts of

the mountain range. He is a trained hiking guide in Nepal and has extensive experience in conducting photography workshops and courses. Jonathan is an OM-system ambassador and an elected member of the Swedish Association of Nature Photographers.

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12 days in Nepal.


Mardi Himal trek in the Annapurna Mountain Range, 

city of Pokhara and Patan in Kathmandu valley.


  • Passion for photography. Both experienced and novice photographers welcome.

  • Good physical health. Ability to trek in varied terrain for 4-5 hours per day.

  • Curiosity to learn & share with others.


fee covers permits and national park fees, instructor, workshops, guide, support team, as well as, domestic transportation, hotel in Pokhara and Patan, accommodation and meals during the trek. 

Excluded international flights, visa, personal travel insurance, lunch and dinners in Pokhara and Patan, camera and editing equipment, pocket money and tips.

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