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Together we create projects that explore global issues and answers important questions in the field.

Learn and have tangible impact where it really matters. 


> Be part of solving issues and building bridges across physical, cultural and disciplinary boundaries.

Explore and learn in the field.

> Gain new insights and a wider perspective of your subject.

Based in our core value of sharing knowledge across boundaries, we 

work to enable students to explore and deepen their understanding while also sharing ideas with others.


We have long experience creating field study programs, thesis and research projects in close cooperation with universities and colleges around the world. Our aim is to facilitate meaningful connection between academic studies and real life, connecting you with the wider community in Nepal.


Explore the following subjects with us:

  • Ecotourism.

  • Biodiversity Restoration.

  • Social Entrepreneurship.

  • Gender issues in the outdoors.

  • Climate Change impacts.

Personal development, collaboration and innovation are integral to the projects and all our programs contain a component of giving back to the people and places we meet. 

Field study, Research & thesis Partnerships


Min. 6 weeks in field.


The Royal Beach Camp, Kathmandu & relevant locations around the country.



> Passion for your field of study and sustainability.

> Willingness to learn from & share with others.

The fee cover transportation, accommodation and food in Nepal, as well as study visits to locations around the country, relevant activities, support team and administration. 
For more details, contact us.

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions here:

Examples of current projects




A joint PhD project have been developed with a focus on social entrepreneurship in ecotourism with the aim to understand its contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particulary Goal 4: Quality Education.


The Department of People and Technology at Roskilde University uses our educational centre as case study in their MSc in Social Entrepreneurship & Management. We regularly speak to the students about how we work with social and environmental sustainability.

The collaboration has been going on since 2019, please find the initial research article linked.

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 21.51.28.png

"The returning butterflies: Social entrepreneurs and

sustainability in ecotourism


Our educational centre, The Royal Beach Camp, is the case for this study. The article aims to explore how social entrepreneurs operationalize and practice sustainable development in this field. 


Authors: Christine Revsbech Jensen, Department of People and Technology, Roskilde University, Denmark.

Luise Li Langergaard, Department of People and Technology, Roskilde University, Denmark.

Read full article in Forsking & Forandring.




We are working together with students undertaking a Masters degree at the School of Architecture in Lund University.

The project includes urban scale site planning, use of sustainable building materials and traditional construction skills while integrating modern comforts and smart solutions. 


The first stage of the project, to redesign our educational centre using regenerative architecture and resource use with participatory design, was completed in 2020. You can find the thesis below:

"Participatory and Sustainable Architecture for Education

This thesis project is a design proposal for The Royal Beach Camp education centre and aims to design a naturalistic education centre, informed by participatory methods and anchored to the local community and Nepali context."


Author: Isabella Moran, Department of Architecture and the Built Environment, Lund University, Sweden

Read the thesis publication here.

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 17.18.25.png



The project includes community scale waste management, knowledge raising campaigns and efforts to promote reduction, reuse or recycling of materials.

We are currently working together with students undertaking a Bachelors degree at Kristianstad University.


The first stage of the project aimed to analyse and reflect on the current challenges and opportunities present in our community project. This thesis was completed in 2021 and you can find it below:

"Sustainable approaches for managing plastic waste in Katauti Khola

- A case study of a small rural community in Nepal

Finding approaches that address the technical and educational methods of managing plastic waste in a small rural village, learning from global approaches and knowledge on the topic of plastic waste prevention as well as plastic waste management."


Author: Marie Wallentin , Department of Environmental Studies, Kristianstad University, Sweden

Read about the thesis project here.

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Want to know more?

Send us a request to learn more about the program and we will be in touch.

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