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Women Empowering Women in Adventure Sports

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Women working in adventure tourism and competing in adventure sports in Nepal are still a minority in 2022. Although strides have been made across the sector, particularly in mountaineering and trekking, many women still hesitate to explore the opportunities in the outdoors for fear of being ostracised by their family and community.

But change is happening, and it's coming from the ground up. The efforts are speared by the pioneering women in Nepal's adventure sector, showing the power of women empowering other women.

On International Women's Day we want to highlight Anu Shrestha, who started her journey in rafting and white water kayaking with us, at our training centre The Royal Beach Camp. She has since created a successful career for herself as a guide and leader on both the rivers and mountains of Nepal and beyond.

Today she is empowering other women to explore the outdoors and river adventures through Project LifeTrek, providing them with the skills to chase their dreams and defy the barriers that stand in their ways.

Anu is an inspiration to us all and we are proud to see her paying it forward to the next generation.


Do you identify as female, trans or non-binary and are curious about gaining a career in the outdoors? You are important for the future of adventure travel.

Welcome to check out our International Mountain & River Guide Education in the Himalayas.
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