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In Adventure, Your Team is Everything

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Our handpicked team of skilled, experienced and passionate professionals are chosen because they are able to both teach the skills needed for a career in the outdoors, and the qualities of great outdoor leaders.

From the beginning it has been important to lift not only the Himalayas, with the world's highest mountains and epic rivers, as the ultimate classroom for adventure, but also the exceptional skills of Nepali mountaineers, river leaders and expedition teams.

"If there is one thing I know from 30 years in

adventure travel and expedition leadership, it's that

your team is everything."

From our mountaineering instructor, Lhakpa Rangdu Sherpa, with 16 climbs on Everest and several other 8000 m peaks, to N.C. Sherpa, Achut Pandey the rest of the mountain team with decades of experience and UIAA qualifications, they all embodying that deep connection to the mountains and the hard to pinpoint yet tangible Himalayan hospitality.

On the river you will meet our dedicated support team, like April Chepang, always ready with a smile and our instructors and expedition leaders like Jack Campion and Puskar Kadel, who will infect you with their love for the river and teach the dynamic skills of a raft guide.

Students receive the qualifications from independent third parties, makes the training level with the highest global standards. Our Head of Awards, Anthony Eddies-Davies, will meet you during the final examinations, helping you to process all that you have learnt and the amazing experience you've had, to send you off into a new career in possibly the world's most fun and rewarding profession.

Learn from this amazing team in the ultimate location >> International Mountain & River Guide Education

We also want to give a shout out to the amazing people who made it all happen in the first place. Xenia Brundin, whom will support you throughout this journey and makes sure we care for both the people and places we work in. And to our founder Ram Silwal, whose belief that you are capable to reach any dream will inspire you to push your limits, and whose vision to educate a new generation of adventure guides in the Himalayas is the reason we exists.

We are deeply grateful for all of the people you've met here, and the many more you will meet in the field. It is thanks to them that we are the leading provider of outdoor guide education and expedition based learning in the Himalayas.


Haven't been to Nepal and experienced the Himalayan hospitality and spirit yet? 🙏 🇳🇵

Read more about it, & how our mountaineering instructor Lhakpa R. Sherpa embody it here.

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