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This field study program explore the role and potential of ecotourism in sustainable development. While learning about social and regenerative businesses through a variety of hospitality practices, students will widen their perspective to gain deeper understanding of the subject.


> Experience the collaboration of community homestay, the thrills of adventure tourism, the ancient roots of Himalaya's cultural heritage and wonder of a wildlife safari.

> Meet dedicated entrepreneurs and visit stunning locations.

> Gain deep insight and a wider perspective.

> Be inspired to start your own initiative.


Together we explore a variety of unique ecotourism niches incl. community home-stay, cultural heritage, wildlife conservation and outdoor adventure tourism. Field visits to different areas around Nepal are a major component, and students get to take part and try the unique experiences on offer.

Meeting the entrepreneurs and learning about their businesses in their context gives a unique insight into how social and regenerative entrepreneurship in ecotourism drive positive change. How they are managed, who are the stakeholders, and what factors enable them to thrive - are some of the questions that the program aims to explore. 


Combined with collaborative workshops students will gain deeper  understanding, while also critically reflect over the challenges facing both purpose driven entrepreneurs and the ecotourism sector as a whole.


This program will enable students to influence the development of tourism in their professional lives and give them the tools to become entrepreneurs in the field themselves.

We work closely with students' educational institution to make meaningful connection between academic studies and real life. 

Personal development, collaboration, problem solving skills and knowledge exchange are also integrated and all our programs contain a component of giving back to the people and places we meet. 



6 weeks.


September 2024


Kathmandu, The Royal Beach Camp, river expedition, community homestay & Chitwan National Park.



> Passion for travel and sustainability.
Preferably enrolled in, or graduate from, relevant subject studies.

> Willingness to learn from & share with others.

The program fee covers accommodation, food and transportation in Nepal, as well as study visits to locations around the country, activities such as rafting and wildlife safari, workshops & mentors. For more details, contact us.

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions here:

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