Jungle River


We plant native and fruit trees and bushes planted to protect and restore stream biodiversity, while simultaneously supporting marginalised communities.

"This place doesn't belong to me,
I belong to this place."

Guided by our founder's deep connection to the place he grew up, where our educational centre now stands, and our collective responsibility to the future sustainability is at the core of what we do, how we design our programs and how we operate.

The nature and local communities where we work is our partners - not only would be impossible for us to exists without them, but they also contribute with a crucial piece to the learning process itself. 

Our commitment to is rooted in the ancient knowledge and traditions of the Himalayas, where nature is sacred and where its flourishing is tangibly linked to ours.

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Tropical Leaves

Education for Education

We believe in equal access to education for all. Socio-economic background, gender identity or ethnicity should not be a hindrance to a career in the outdoors. That's why we support young Nepalese with opportunities and scholarships to pursue their dreams. Read more about the apprenticeship education here.

Trail & River Clean Ups

The Himalayan mountains, rivers and jungles are our classrooms and our home.  Leaving nothing but footprints is a great start, we also take long term action to minimise our impact on the environment at our base and in the field. Through clean ups, school campaigns and engaging with local communities we are learning and sharing good practices with others.   

Ecosystem Restoration

We have much to learn from nature, her systems are diverse, strong and beautiful, they create no waste and yet solve every problem. We recognise nature's inherit right to thrive and therefore we work with re-wilding efforts and biodiversity restoration in our local community. 

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